Oscar Meszar

Senior Enterprise Architect

oscar meszar

Senior Enterprise Architect with a gift for quickly recognizing solutions to complex business problems. Proven team leadership experience driving decisions with CxO level executives. Over twenty years experience developing one-on-one client relationships. Ability to communicate highly technical concepts to non-technical clients. Focus on developing good rapport with both clients and fellow team members. Can efficiently multitask between multiple projects. Extensive experience providing estimates for both small and large projects. Microsoft MVP Reconnect, former Microsoft MVP 10 years.

Ethical business. Conscious leader.

Work Experiences

Senior Enterprise Architect/Founder

WebF1 | 2000 - Present

Responsible for design, development, testing, and documentation of business applications. In charge of company management, project management, and client relationships.

  • Developed a communication and collaboration platform using Azure as the backend infrastructure. Architecture includes: WebAPIs, Azure Functions, Blobs and Table Storage, Redis Cache, CosmosDB, Service Bus, SignalR, SQL Database, Microsoft Cognitive Services.
  • Developed a CMS product using Windows Azure as the backend infrastructure with C#, SQL Database, Blob and Table storage. Also using AngularJS as the frontend framework.
  • Currently maintaining a business-to-business B2B solution for a Midwest US based food supplier. This solution incorporates Windows Azure Web/Worker Roles, Azure Table Storage and Blob Storage. The site communicates with NetSuite as the financial system and with many front-end systems where orders are placed.
  • Completed the re-write of a large photography website using Single Page Applications. This solution incorporates Windows Azure Web/Worker Roles, Azure Table Storage and Blob Storage as well as proper cache handling to improve performance.
  • Developed a DotNetNuke solution for a law firm with offices in three states.
  • Architected, designed and developed a website for conducting radiothons for a charitable organization.
  • Architected and created a wine compliance application using the latest Microsoft .NET technologies.
  • Architected, designed, and developed an international photography website used by thousands of people with millions of hits per month.
  • Architected, designed and created an on-line benefit application web site featuring benefit enrollment and administration.
  • Architected, designed and developed a production system for a large photo laboratory to process digital images.
  • Architected and developed commercially available software product.
  • Programmed electronic payment system for a major international bank.

EVP Product Strategy, Development & Technology

Nimbulis | 2018 - 2021

Responsible for the architecture, infrastructure, product direction of the Nimbulis Platform, as well as managing our development team.
Nimbulis is built utilizing Microsoft Azure Cloud environment, with extensive use of Azure infrastructure services to ensure optimal performance of the platform.
Nimbulis uses SQL Database, Blobs, Table Storage, Redis Cache, Service Bus, CosmosDBs, SignalR, Microsoft Cognitive Services for the built-in AI agent.

Business Application Manager

Webroot | 2009 - 2013

Responsible for design, development and testing business applications utilizing Microsoft collaboration technologies. Responsible for leading a team of developers.

  • Created a series of workflows to facilitate and automate the process of collaborating with legal documents.
  • Created a workflow to facilitate the on-boarding process for new employees.
  • Created a workflow to facilitate the on-boarding process for contractors.
  • Created a process to facilitate the enrollment of people into different events Human Resources holds.
  • Created different a series of dashboard used by the sales team to display information about the “happenings” of the day.
  • Migrated SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010.
  • Provided continuing support for SharePoint throughout the entire organization.
  • Created an Organization Chart from Active Directory. This chart can be used disconnected from the network even allowing full employee look ups while offline.

Senior Consultant

PointBridge | 2006 - 2008

While at PointBridge, I participated in the architecture and developing of SharePoint 2007/MOSS related solutions for a variety of clients.

  • Created prototype for a large insurance company to showcase the capabilities of SharePoint workflows.
  • Created request access form to particular documents. After approval, the system granted access automatically.
  • Trained clients on workflow development using Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Customized SharePoint MySite without modifying the existing distributed Microsoft code.
  • Assisted with the Migration from SharePoint 2003 to SharePoint 2007.
  • Created workflow to request access to multiple computer system.
  • Architected/Developed a Document Management System for a large/complex commercial property management company.
  • Developed a series of Windows forms which allowed users to upload documents to a SharePoint Document Management System (DMS).


Parian-Getronics | 1993 - 2000

Responsible for design, development, testing and architecting business applications utilizing Microsoft technologies.

  • Technical Architect of an email management web site for a major trucking manufacturing company.
  • Technical Architect of a foreign currency exchange system for a major international bank.
  • Defined the technical architectural issues and the infrastructure development requirements of a corporate intranet for a major investment-banking firm.
  • Technical Architect to enhance a Microsoft Visual Basic/SQL Server-based imaging system for a leading real estate services company.
  • Technical Architect of a Web-based relationship management solution that integrates product purchasing, telemarketing, lead management, inventory management, literature fulfillment & direct mail campaign tracking.
  • Technical Architect and lead developer of an Internet system to automate the process of obtaining applications for international customs documents.
  • Technical Architect of a client-server/intranet-based system to replace an AS/400 environment for a major international law firm.
  • Technical Architect of an intranet-based Client Billing Database Management System to gather information about advertising customers for a major Chicago newspaper.
  • Defined the technical architecture for a Cross Border Payments System for a major Chicago bank.
  • Defined the technical architecture for an Internet-based system to integrate exercise equipment with a file and database server for user reporting.
  • Project leader/lead developer of a distributed system for routing and tracking real estate leads between geographically separated agents.
  • Co-developer of a mutual fund report creation system for a major printing company.
  • Co-developer of a Windows-based global payment system for a major financial institution

Career Highlights

  • Consulting in the Financial Services Industry for Fortune 100 customers.
  • Estimated, architected and developed multi-million-dollar solutions for financial institutions within budget.
  • Technical team leader for team of 30 people in the Health Care Industry.
  • Architected, designed, and developed an international photography critique website used by thousands of people with millions of hits per month.
  • Liaison between business users and IT staff in a multi-state insurance agency.
  • Technical architect for a large 4 Star charity’s fund-raising system.
  • Managed consulting company servicing a broad range of clients.
  • Former long-term Microsoft MVP.
  • Technical Interviewer for consulting positions.
  • Technology Instructor for customers and consultants.
  • Technical Presenter in front of large audiences and C-level executives.
  • Extensive training in Microsoft technology.